Q. Can Express Safety Glass repair a crack or chip in my windscreen?

A. Yes. We usually advise our customers that it is better to deal with a chip in their windscreen as soon as possible as the problem will only get worse. We always endeavour to save our customers money by avoiding unnecessary remedial chip repairs that will end up requiring a windscreen replacement anyway.

Q. Are Express Safety Glass specialists in automotive glazing?

A. Yes. Express Safety Glass has been established since 1979. We have a vast wealth of experience in the glazing industry dealing with cars, vans, wagons, HGV’s, plant machinery, agricultural vehicles and marine transport. We have mastered our craft and provide a first class service and at a competitive cost.

Q. Does Express Safety Glass deal with insurance companies?

A. Yes we do. We advise that it is always best to check with your insurance company in order to find out the terms of your policy.

Q. Can I have my windscreen replacement carried out at home?

A. Yes. Express Safety Glass offers a mobile service so we can come to you at the most convenient location for you whether that be at your place of work, at your home or at another location to suit your social, personal or business needs.

Q. How can I pay Express Safety Glass for windscreen replacement or repair services?

A. Express Safety Glass can accept all types of payment including: cash, credit or debit cards and cheque.

Q. What type of Auto-motive Glass does Express Safety Glass replace or repair?

A. Express Safety glass can repair or replace any of the following automotive glass types: Vent glass; Front Door Glass; Backseat Door Glass; Left and Right Quarter Glass; Back or Rear Window Glass; Windscreens and Sunroof Glass. Please refer to our diagram below if you are unsure what type of glass you may require.

Car Diagram ESG WDrivers side may be referred to as the right hand side or offside or the Passenger side may be referred to as the left hand side or the near side.

 Q. Does my car have Rain Sensors?

A. If you have a newer vehicle, there is a possibility that you may be enjoying the convenience that rain sensors can bring. Rain sensors enable your windscreen wipers to automatically activate as soon as the rain is detected. Rain sensors means that you can drive with a sense of confidence that the windscreen will in effect take care of itself in wet weather.

How to identify whether your car has rain sensors: It is important to check whether your car or van has rain sensors when planning the repair or replacement of your windscreen. Rain sensors are usually located near to the interior mirror. Many modern windscreens have black banding around the edge, and if this band drops down like a large tear drop around where the interior reversing mirror is situated. This very probably indicates that you may have rain sensors.

Why is it important to check whether my vehicle has rain sensors?

If your car or van has rain sensors built in and you do not replace the windscreen with one that caters for rain sensors; this may cause serious electrical faults linked to the vehicle management system, in essence the system will be trying to locate the sensor and when it is unable to do so a fault light will be displayed on the dash board and you are unlikely to be able to turn it off.